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Easy and hassle-free management of Apple devices starts with support for IT in each step of your deployment. Agmatel facilitates mobility device management, on-site and off-site support and deployment of Apple solution at your institution.


Make learning more experimental, collaborative and creative with iPad, Mac and other in-built apps. Availability of various resources for teachers to explore the full potential of Apple devices.


Empower teachers and students at your institution by providing them with world-class Apple technology. Learn, create and evolve with iPad, Mac and numerous applications.


Protect your child’s privacy and track his/her usage on Apple devices. Track daily/weekly performance and get involved with your child in his /her learning journey. iPadOS & MacOS have 100000+ learning apps that allows each child to explore their respective interests.

Recommended Tools for Education

iPad in Education

Whether you’re taking class notes, keeping a journal or brainstorming a solution, iPad is always ready to capture your brightest ideas. Then you can easily share them, build on them and bring them to life.

Mac in Education

Mac is built for the classroom. It gives students and teachers new ways to be creative and productive and to craft deeply engaging learning materials. It comes with powerful software to handle everyday tasks and the most ambitious projects.

Higher Education

Today everyone is doing just about everything differently. Apple technology is built for innovation — for pushing ideas and defying limitations. Powerful hardware works with intuitive software to help your faculty and staff create the best experience for your students.

Case Studies

Agmatel ensures to deliver the best of the best available Technology solutions and assistance to American Embassy School, New Delhi.

Agmatel is serving all the latest technology solutions and services to Kendriya Vidyalaya & meeting all their requirements.

Agmatel happily took the opportunity of offering the latest technology solutions to Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.

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